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Extreme tourism: a death attraction for tourists

    Extreme tourism is at the height of its popularity today. This popularity is easy to be explained as extreme form of entertainment is the opportunity to experience the "thrill" that is missed in everyday life... this is emotions boom, risk and awareness of one's greatness and weakness. Extreme tourism is for the strong and courageous, for those who love risk and danger, who is not afraid to test his endurance.
    A new extreme attraction has been opened in the Australian city of Darwin. It is called "Cage of Death". A tourist is put into a transparent acrylic chamber (height of 9 feet and thickness of 1.57 inches). Then such a "cage of death" is put for 15 minutes under water, into the lair of a huge marine crocodile. There is no end of customers for this dangerous entertainment, which price is only $35. Marine crocodiles, in contrast to freshwater, are big and reach 19 feet length.
    The largest population of marine crocodiles inhabits northern Australia; they are also met in South Asia. Despite the fact that marine crocodiles are predators that behave very aggressively, they attack people rarely. No more than 2-3 deaths from this giant crocodile attacks on humans are recorded in a year.
    As the cage is fully transparent and does not have the lattice, which protects it from the predator's teeth, there is a feeling that the victim is face-to-face with a monster. Many tourists often lose their bravery when they see the traces from huge crocodile teeth on the cage.
    But those, who venture, test themselves completely: they test their strength, courage and endurance and also get an unforgettable experience which is impossible in normal everyday life.
    Just imagine a huge 19-feet predator with open mouth and sharp teeth, from which you are divided by 1.57 inches of transparent plastic only.
    Such an experience is to be remembered for a whole life. Those, who try such a death attraction, are no longer afraid of any small everyday problems and troubles such as an unhappy love affair, job loss, etc.
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