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Bracelets for monitoring tanning

    Thanks to a sunscreen we can be in the open sun for a long time and do not get sunburnt. However, even the cream is not a panacea - it can come off, chemically modify and lose the effect. We also often remember to use the sunscreen again when it becomes too late.
    At the beginning of a hot beach season a special bracelet appears on the market. It allows to monitor the UV quantity obtained and to take actions in time.
    Doctors and beauticians do not recommend tanning at all as the skin signs of aging appears and the risk of cancer increases. Moreover, sunburns are painful and can spoil the holiday. But if you are completely involved in something like playing volleyball you can easily forget about safety precautions.
    UV SunSense Bracelets are to notify their carriers about the sunburnt threat. After you cream your body and the polypropylene bracelet as well it will change its light lilac color to a purple one. This means that the device is activated. After some time, UV SunSense will again lighten and the text «SunSense» will become unreadable. This means that you should apply the sunscreen again. If you use the sunscreen the bracelet will become purple again. If you don't use the sunscreen the bracelet will become peach-colored and UV letters won't be readable. In such situation the cream is of no help, you should dress and / or go in the shadow.
    Bracelets for monitoring tanning are sold in packs of 7 pieces on The price is $7. You should keep the bracelets at the room temperature avoiding the light. Taking one bracelet from the pack on a beach, immediately close the pack tightly and put it in the bag.
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