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How to succeed while trading on eBay

    Since I sold my first item on eBay I have began to buy and sell at auction fanatically as I found a great source of extra income. As I got a new experience on eBay putting new products for sale, I realized the important role of images for the goods sale! Images always attract more attention and make the customers bet on my auctions.
    For ex., high-quality photos of sold on eBay laptop can cause the buyer's emotions prevail over the logic, so the lot can be sold to the highest bidder.
    This simple conclusion helped me to increase the final prices on my lots by 10-30%. I tried to avoid a single image in the lot description and used high-quality photos from different angles. I also didn't use long monotonous text which made the buyers completely uninterested in the lot.
    I started to use the eBay services for adding extra photos and came to the following conclusions:
      1) Always attach images to the selling items. This product should look natural and reflect its characteristics.
      2) Do not use the images taken from other sites, online shops. Using the original photo you will increase the level of confidence to your eBay listing. Take time and make some photos of the product, then you show the customers that you are responsible for the process of selling.
      3) Use a digital camera with high resolution. If you use a web cam your image can be grainy.
      4) Take care of the light. It is recommended to use a natural outdoor lighting on a clear day. Place the background (for ex., a sheet of paper) behind the object. A few minutes of work will be paid by a higher price on eBay.
      5) Never use a single image - at least two. If a product has a number of defects, cracks, each of them should be displayed on the photo. As a result, you will get only interested customers and no negative feedback from other eBay users.

    Hope my advice will help you to succeed while trading on eBay.
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