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Sauna as the guarantee of health

    Healing properties of saunas have been already proved. In sauna the blood vessels are dilated and warmed blood delivers heat to the internal organs of the body. This ensures that all chemical reactions in the body faster. Moreover, metabolism increases, harmful products stand out through the pores of the skin facilitating the work of the kidneys and other organs, clogged pores are cleaned, i.e. skin becomes younger.
    Even very old people feel a fit of energy after visiting the sauna; their youth seems to be back. The sauna is also useful for children and teenagers - they get rid of pimples, their growing bodies receive an additional source of strength.
    Due to the rapid circulation, both long-standing pain in the body and all sorts of skin irritation subside or even disappear. A visitor of the sauna gets physical exercises without any muscle tension.
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