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Unusual Adidas shop for joggers

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    Let me offer you the original idea to promote Adidas sports brand, which has opened an unusual shop in Tokyo.
    Unusual nature of this shop is that it looks more like the city sports club for joggers than the common outlet.
    The shop is located near the Imperial Palace and surrounded by the big park that is a favorite place for joggers from all over Tokyo.
    There are 16 showers, 248 cloakrooms for joggers to rent in the shop. Moreover, the shop offers its customers to rent sportswear and footwear, which is best for jogging.
    Salespeople and consultants in Adidas shop are always ready to advise and recommend customers the most convenient option of sneakers, leggings, trousers and shirts.
    What is interesting is that you can change sportswear even every day, test various collections and models before you buy.
    Not every brand can interact with customers in such a loyal way. Only really strong companies, which are absolutely confident of the quality of their goods, can do this. The reward for such a loyalty to customers is quite high - the buyers' love and loyalty to the brand that offers them products of high quality, professional approach, comfort and care.
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