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Cool Car MP3 Player

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  I remember the good old times --- as if it was so long ago lol --- when car CD Player was way too expensive for me (high school student back then) to purchase. It was the biggest pain, considering the fact that most of my new music was on CD's. That's why, when I wanted to listen to some music from a CD while I was driving, I had only two options either copy the CD on a tape or use one of those cheap portable CD Players with a cassette player adapter.
  This situation is similar to what many young adults face today; the difference is that they would like their car stereos to play MP3's. Sure there are a lot of ways that one can have MP3's playing on their car stereos: through recordable CD's, mini disc players, and more, but all of those either cost a lot or take up a lot of space. My idea is an affordable alternative. A small hard drive inside one of the cassette player adapters with a small and nice wireless controller. This device would play MP3's through a car cassette player and it would be invisible during this procedure since it would be a shape of a simple cassette. One would be able to recharge it at home while using a computer to manage different MP3's that would be stored on the device. There would also be an option to purchase a small adapter to it, that would transform it into a portable MP3 player.
  I believe that this would be a big hit. Even I would consider spending $100 for it, considering that usually I belive that those devices are unnecessary.
  If this idea had been done before then that's too bad.
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