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Vending machine which recommends drinks

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    Vending business occupies a leading position in the list of the most profitable and popular types of the third millennium business. Through vending machines you can buy almost any product, ranging from household appliances to fresh products, such as pizza, carrot and even meat. Manufacturers of vending machines are constantly improving machines and accommodating them to the customer needs.
    A good example of improved vending machine can be the one which appeared on one of the railway stations in Japan. This machine can recommend consumers drinks. The recommendations are based on the information about the age and sex of consumers (the machine is equipped with a system of determining the age and sex characteristics). A person just needs to stand before the camera and wait a few seconds until the machine determines the age and sex and makes the necessary recommendation.
    Recommended beverage is marked with a red star and can be purchased for cash, credit card or via mobile phone.
    When there are no people near the machine, information about the temperature, time is displayed on its screen. It is also a good place for advertisements.
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