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The camera on the rack for group shots

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    Manufacturers of photographic equipment continue to improve camera models, change their design, performance attributes for maximum ease of use by consumers. Australian company Fotopol went on a few different ways to deliver maximum comfort to the same consumers. They released a new model of camera on a rack, which is put in hotels and in the streets and can be used by tourists for a group shot.
    It's not a secret that while taking a group photo there is always the one who photographs. Tourists often ask passers-by to take a picture of them in a picturesque place or in front of some attractions. It is always a problem... Despite the fact that passers-by tend to readily respond to such requests, there is still some risk in this case: either to be left without a camera or to receive a spoilt photo.
    A new model of camera on a rack solves all these problems: tourists do not need to ask anyone for help, they just need to define the settings, pose and take a picture.
    There are two types of camera on a rack: for hotels and city streets. The first one is fastened to a balcony door either outside or inside a room.
    Camera for outdoor use is fastened to a steel rack in the street. Any information for tourists as well as advertising can be placed on the rack.
    According to the producer, the unique design of the camera allows to prevent vandalism and ensure long service life. The cost of the new model of camera is $2,350.
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