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Child sleep adviser

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    House call by a child sleep adviser is a new service popular among young American parents. The help of such consultants is not cheap ($200 - $800), which is practically comparable to the cost of business consultants. The principle of the sleep consultant is the same - he analyzes the causes of anxiety, various stressful situations and develops a plan how to improve them, teach parents the right approach to communicating with the child.
    Consultant's advice is a simple practical advice which is usually quite trivial and cannot be called "secret knowledge":
      * Do not walk with the child in a bright room before going to bed;
      * Put the baby to sleep at the same time;
      * Follow the daily routine and order;
      * Do not talk to the child at night, etc.
    But the consultants often have their own unique methods. For example, they advise parents so-called "sleep and movement" method, when parents sleep on the floor next to the baby bed a few nights, gradually moving (night after night) farther and farther from it (out of the children's room towards their bedroom).
    For those parents who are unable to cope with their own emotions during the baby crying, the consultants advise not to take the child in the arms, but just look at the child and try to quieten him with words.
    According to statistics, if the parents follow the instructions and recommendations, a successful result is guaranteed in 50% of cases. For the parents who are not fully confident in their abilities, consultants offer distance support in the form of daily hour's consultations by telephone for an additional fee.
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