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  After replacing the windows in the house I rent out for the 2nd time, it occurred to me that there is really no longer a need for the windows to be there. With the modern technology we possess today, we could devise a flat screen video projector for the inside of the house, a mini-camera (weather-proof of course), for the outside, and a small central computer processor to organize it all. In this way you could control what images you see when you are sitting in a room, or entertaining.
  It would also help with air conditioning (less heat loss, less sunshine to heat up curtains, floors, etc.), and heat. And with the computer controls, if it's raining and nasty out, just turn to the daffadills and gently rolling stream program, or whatever your choice may be. If you wish to see what is going on outside, turn it to standard operation. I would recommend an alternate emergency escape in the event of fire or other emergency.
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