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Never Get Pulled Over Again

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  This has been discussed many places but I think it would be great if the government would install chips or magnetic strips in the lines in the roads and require "black box" type computers in vehicles that could not be tampered with so that if a person runs a red light or stop sign, the computer records it. If a person speeds consistently for a period of time, it records it. Of course, the same will be true if a person gets into an accident, etc. The computer could run off the car's battery and transmit a signal to a server somewhere such as a gas station, so that a processing center using the information sends out tickets or fines automatically. It would also detect if the computer was tampered with or even missing, in which case a security camera would catch the car's image at the gas station. It would be expensive but well worth it. It would also let the drivers know when they have committed a violation. That's about it.
Mike Jones
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