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Free Courtesy Telephones

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  Free Courtesy Telephones business. Aid those that are too busy to keep life organized themselves.

  Business Overview

  Strategically locating courtesy telephones in high-traffic gathering places in your community has the potential to generate enormous monthly advertising revenues, and best of all the business can be kicked into high gear with an initial investment of less than $10,000. Courtesy telephones resemble commercial pay telephones with one big difference; there is no cost to make local telephone calls. Ideally, the free phones will be installed in high-traffic indoor areas like malls, community centers, and food markets. Income is earned by selling advertising space around the phone booth or enclosure. Alternately, revenues can also be earned by selling advertising space in the form of prerecorded messages that the user of the telephone must listen to before they are able to make their free local call. To ensure the best locations can be secured for the free courtesy telephones, consider splitting the advertising revenue with the owner of the property or business where the courtesy telephones are installed.
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