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How to stop smoking

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    Below are the tips which helped me greately to stop smoking:
    * Inform someone that you're going to quit smoking. By telling people, you are not only making the commitment to yourself, but to others as well. After that, make sure the people you hang around most often are aware of your plan. You'll be surprised how supportive people are, even if they themselves are smokers.
    * Define a quit date. I recommend giving yourself somewhere in the vicinity of two to four weeks. This should give you enough time to get used to the idea and to prepare yourself for it.
    * Get rid of everything that could possibly be related to smoking. I'm talking any and all leftover tobacco products including chew, snuff, cigars and especially any cigarettes you might come across. You should also get rid of all your ashtrays, matches and lighters
    * Change your routine. This is a hard one, but necessary. When you feel the urge to smoke, go for a walk. After a meal, instead of a smoke have a hard candy or a piece of gum.
    * Avoid smoking triggers and start a smoking journal. For the first couple/ three months after quitting cigarette smoking, try hard to avoid the things that you know make you want to smoke. Some of the most common triggers are drinking alcohol, drinking coffee and hanging out with other smokers. As you go through the first few weeks, pay attention to what is going on around you when the urge to smoke suddenly hits. Figure out what it is and write it down in a smoking journal. This will make it much easier for you to figure out what your triggers are. It could be anything from boredom to playing video games to clipping your toenails.

    I wish you to succeed while quiting smoking!
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