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Spill Proof Beverage Cans

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  A beverage can that is shaped like a cone so that it is wider at the bottom but, one you can still grab ahold of and drink from. This would prevent any spill from happening due to it's shape. They make cups like this all ready (and tippy cups for kids or water bottles) but, if the can manufacturers would kindly shift to this cone shape it would prevent that friday night spill or any spill for that matter. I can't think of any other way to keep it from spillling. You can't put beer in juice boxes, glue a magnet to the bottom and have a magnetic coaster, or pour more aluminum in the bottom to weigh it down, or put anything inside the open container to weigh it down because that would add more cost to the product. But, if you like one of those ideas as well then, let me know with a reply right away.
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