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Losing weight with Stomach Glue

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  A liquid and food thickener much like drinking a fiber drink, but also with an Elmer's glue like substance to bring the food up and float on top fo the thicker fluid, stick it all together and make one big ball of it to last in your stomach for much longer digestion. Easy to make from eatable glues and fiber products and it would solidify only after you ate it. This way you have longer digestion time, which would allow you not to get too tired right away from eating and burn more calories, digesting food for a longer time where you might be able to offset the calorie intake to the amount of energy used in calories to actually digest the food in the first place. It could simply be a tasteless additive to your drink; milk, cool-aid, water. Tasteless fiber/glue that thickens over time and you would have about a half hour to eat and drink, all the while it would be mixing with your stomach contents. If you add a stomach coating and an acid supressent, then you can lengthen the digestion even longer for more calorie burn. The longer the food has to digest the more calories it will burn.
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