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Smelly Bad Tasting Wires To Repel Pet Bites

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  Animal repellents in smell and taste form to spray on or around the house have been around for years, but they wear off qickly and are very expensive for small amounts of it. If you incorporate the pet and animal repellent smells and flavors into the plastics of the wiring or any other household item (in manufacturing) then the smell is permanent and the animal will never chew through expensive wires, cords, or items of large replacement cost. The premanufactured products would work with any product that can retain an odor (mostly plastics or wood) and flavor that the animals hate, but we do not notice then we need not worry any more and on the reverse side; we teach the animal the appropriate smell in toy form such as bacon, or any other flavor an animal goes for. I have used dog repellent on neighbor dogs and it works but it never smelled bad too me.
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