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  If you use a non-dry version of the type of glue that the Scratch-N-Sniff people make their product from and temporarily protect it with a flexible peel away cover, then you could press the glue against any surface (wet, dry, etc.) - anything with a scent. It will pick up this smell even from something as weird as a real orange for example. When the exposed and smelly glue dries you then have made your very own personal Scatch-N-Sniff that no one else has. With out getting dirty minded here you could potentially capture any scent for future memory. Possibly even someone's body part (arm, hand, etc.) and keep it with a photo of that person. Or if you were never going too see someone again you could capture their kiss (whatever that would smell like). But you get the idea. You could press one to your desktop computer right now and label the back for a certain date then do it again a year later to smell the difference. Maybe you could smell that it is time to get a new computer! Ha!
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