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Automatic Stop Disc Brakes On All Saws

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  When you saw wood, metal or other materials with any tool (skill saw, band saw, table saw, saber saw, and other bladed cutting tools) if that tool is not a standard chain saw then the blade always will continue to dangerously spin after the cut is made. There is only the protection of guards that slowly close behind the material you are cutting. This means that if the guard fails (and they often do due to sticky or jammed guards etc.) then you can seriously hurt yourself. If we place disc brakes when the power is shut off, the trigger is released then the saw will come to a complete stop. As of today's saws none come with a braking system.
  Another type of braking system that would also solve this dilemma are called "Jake Brakes" which simply means the brake is held apart until the power shuts off then they close on either side, but this requires hydrolics, but is still feasable.
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