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Cigarette Pack Bottom Cigarette Pusher

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  Like chap stick and lip stick you can't use them until you can get them to the surface. If each cigarette had a bottom that you could push the cigarette up then you could easily remove them (or one) from the pack. Right now you can't get the first or second cigarette out without dumping the whole pack out or squishing the cigarettes around the one you want until you've removed about the first five making room for any sized fingers to grab one out. We just provide a cicular segmented bottom under each cigarrete that extends below each one and you push up on the bottom of the one you want. Each cigarette gets it's own push up piece!
  Easily implimented and manufactured at minimal cost since the materials need not be of any other product they don't already have readily available, such as the type of card board type paper used in hard pack cigarettes or any other material they have now. This would work on packs of gum and other tightly packed items.
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