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Swallowable and Scanable Passports

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  You could go from airport to airport or anyplace in the world with Swallowable Computer Scanable Capsules. You would get your subscription from a pharmacy that is in connection to that particular government in your country and you could be scanned and be on your way very fast. It would have a prescription of pills that lasts until you come back.
  They could also be able to tell, by adding to the small computerized pill that you've been approved by another country to enter that country. It would have all the information in the pills for ID and anything about yourself that they need to know about you. A completely programable pill with information out and information in. It could be used in prisons or used in other areas like work or to find police records. Any where they need to see your I.D. Cigarettes, Alcohol, or any where for any reason. If it had a vibration in it, you could feel a criminal coming or a date match that matches your dating criteria. It has an almost unlimited amount of reasons for useage.
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