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24 Hour Semi-Permanent Scents in your Nose

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  We could use a spray bottle that fits up your nose to add any smell you want. I used to clean bathrooms and I really would rather smell something else. If you could smell anything in the World with your regular air intake what would it be? Cherries, cologne, perfume, antiques, air freshener? Anything could be up your nose all day. I know your first question is; what does your scent do to the taste of food? The answer is that it can enhance the taste of food. After all you wouldn't want to put a bad smell up your nose. The smell can go with any tongue sensation at all. Your nose actually has very little to do with taste. Everyday we look for more things to stimulate our senses and our minds so, why not enhance your nose. Who really needs to use it any way? You could still smell and things smelt like smoke but, it would have that special hint of scent of choice to go along with it.
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