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Health-improving bed linen

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    People sleep approximately one-third of their lives. If a person doesn't have a healthy sleep his/her body suffers greatly; it can be a cause of different diseases.
    The quality of sleep is not only pharmaceutical corporations concern. Russian textile company "Monolith" suggested a series of bed linen "For your health".
    There are 8 sets in the series of such bed linen. Each of them does something good for a man. For example, the 'Joy of Life' set improves the mood, calms, takes off the weariness, boosts performance and provides with a deep sleep. 'Love strengthening and family relationships improving' set increases sexual drive, helps to achieve calmness and understanding. 'Sleep and skill development' is a great support in case of mental overload; it improves mental efficiency and memory, enhances intuition.
    The bed linen is of patented color design. The color is believed to influence on the human psyche, emotions, vegetative and central nervous system and on somatic disease indirectly. Aromatherapy is also reported to be involved in the linen creation. The fabric can either be imbued with essential oils or they can be supplied separately.
    The bad linen is made of 100% cotton. The set includes one blanket cover, sheet and four pillowcases of two different sizes. The average price for the set in online shops is 100$.
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