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Air Hockey Type Skate Boarding

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  If you take the wheels off of a skate board step onto it then glide on a smooth surface with air holes pushing up strong currents of air you can glide for hundreds of feet with just a slight push of your foot. We could make an indoor or outdoor Air Hockey Type Skate Board Park where we could use any smooth object to safely project ourselves across the smooth surface and use the same construction of an average skate park only this would be more fun, you could go faster and further, and the surface would cause less damage to limbs since it would not be concrete on the surface. A totally new sport to replace one that is getting quit boring thses days. You could make any type of board any size and length or shape as long as it was smooth on the bottom. You could even make boards to glide on your knees or elbows alone or shoes that would move you across the surface. A very easy park to make. A very safe way to board. And tons more fun!
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