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Double Lid/Disk Pressure Release Microwave Container

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  Microwave-safe plastic containers that have a sealed edge with top attached to a bottom but, with a second lid or plastic disk covering a hole that would pop up when the pressure or steam was too great which would allow you to heat and steam your food and left-overs without a blow-up of the lid from the bottom container. This would protect your microwave from mess and not have to use the cancer causing plastic wrap that melts on your food but, allows fast heating with a proper cover.
  The double lid or disk covers a hole that simply releases pressure only when it gets too great but comes back down to help continuous heat. The disk has a disk on the inside too but, the hole is bigger than the center that connects both the inner and outer disk so it would have a larger hole for the pressure release. With a container like this it is possible to cook all foods including raw eggs. Try that with out a lid! It would explode. I have done the research on the eggs and all foods keep their nutrients with steaming rather than just heating. You could add a place in the container for water to help steam your food products. Non explosive cooking and non-toxic like plastic wrap covers. All around better, more effective cooking from your speedy microwave.
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