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Feng Shui and household plants

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    There are plants which are highly preferred in Feng Shui:
     * Plants of rounded form;
     * Plants of rounded form with rounded and thick leaves;
     * Plants with flowers of bright colors and large size;
     * All sorts of lianas and vine.

    Lush forms or bright colors of the plant define its power, presence of positive energy that can provide your home with force.
    Plants with thick and lush rounded leaves (mainly succulents) attract wealth to the house. This is the most favorite leaves form in Japan.
    Lianas are used to correct defects of the room. Such high plants as ficuses and palms are often for this purpose.
    There are 5 garden flowers in Feng Shui which are sacred plants. They are believed to have a harmonizing influence upon a man. These plants are chrysanthemum, peony, orchid, magnolia and lotus. Today, these five plants often can be found in the house.
    Chrysanthemum is a symbol of laughter and joy, spiritual fun, cheerfulness in Japan and China. Chrysanthemums with lilac-purple flowers and strong scent have the most effective restorative energy.
    Peony embodies money, wealth and honor.
    Magnolia is a symbol of purity and sincerity.
    Orchid is a symbol of affection. Therefore, many people keep the orchid at house - this proves that there is no conflict between a husband and a wife.
    Lotus is a divine flower. It is a symbol of spiritual growth and striving for perfection.
    It is great to have these wonderful plants at the house. Some of them need a special care (lotus, orchid); others may feel great in the garden (magnolia, peony and chrysanthemum).
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