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Clean Car Door Runners

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  When you get in and out of your car every day and if you look at the back of your lower leg clothing, you will notice a dirt line and water line that will go unnoticed by you but be visible to every one else. Most people don't realize this but when you get in and out of the car there is a moment when both your legs come in contact with the bottom of the inside of the car where the doors base is when closed, called the "Runner". It collects water and grime all throughout your driving daily. When your legs hit the runner it stains your clothes with dirt for the day.
  We need to insulate this runner from any outside grime and water by including more strips of rubber insulators to the outer door and the inside so they fit comfortably together (one insulator inside the other) eliminating any possible chance that the runner would ever be affected by car travel or run off from around the door by channeling the water around the rest of the car door to the outside and edges that would not contact the runner.
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