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How to get up on the right side of the bed

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    When we face someone's irritability we usually say that the person got up on the wrong side of the bed.
    This condition is familiar to many people. And who is to blame? In most cases an alarm is to blame. The alarm clock came into our lives a long time ago. Most of modern people feel helpless without the alarm. But experts say that if a person cannot do without the alarm then he/she has a wrong sleep: there are problems with either the duration or quality of sleep. These shortcomings should be eliminated.
    Indeed, the alarm is a device for an artificial stress creation. It squeals and creates in our mind a fear for being late. This fear makes adrenaline flow into the blood and we wake up.
    However, to wake up "on alert" each time is not good. Interfering with our natural sleep, the alarm lead to lack of sleep and does not allow to have the latest and the longest dose of fast sleep.
    Let's recall waking up during our vacation, when we get up from the bed simply because we have a good sleep. We should strive to such a waking up.
    Try to create a "Day of the fight with the alarm". Just try to check if you can wake up without it. If you can then you don't have any problem with sleep. If you cannot, try to learn how to sleep better.
    The most important advice, without which all other attempts to improve sleep are meaningless, sounds very simple: just take enough time for a sleeping! To determine whether you sleep enough is simple. If you wake up without an alarm, you are fresh and you do not feel sleepy during the day then you sleep enough.
    Release your bedroom from the stress: do not lie in the bed more then 20 minutes when you are awake. Otherwise the bed will be perceived as an instrument of torture, which has the purpose to draw you into their depths as deep as possible.
    If possible, protect your bedroom from outside matters, leave it for a sleep and love only. Do not use your bed for working, eating or watching TV.

    Your can make a pleasant morning even from the most gloomy one.
Sweet dreams and awakening!
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