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    The significance of the game, its full impact on the child growth cannot be overestimated. Games are an effective tool for the development of communication skills, logic, attention, intelligence, identity. And, perhaps, a game is the best way to achieve the development of creative abilities both for children and adults without compulsion. That is why educational games are of great demand among the various audiences, starting from the small buyers and finishing with the elderly.
    Businessmen continue to find interesting new business ideas to develop and produce such games as one of the most popular products. Play Rethink London Company can be an interesting example. It used the game principles to involve consumers in the creative process of the consumer goods improvement. The company created an interesting game ("The Eco-Design Game"), which aimed to inspire consumers to think about a new more environmentally friendly and improved design for the old product. There are a multi-colored wheel, 98 cards for the drawing and an instruction in the game set. The rules for this creative game are simple: as the wheel is moved the player receives a card with a task to improve one of the most popular goods, such as a vacuum cleaner or a chair. All the interesting ideas for the improvement the players describe on the cards.
    The players can upload their best ideas to the Play Rethink site, where they can be commented and rated by other users. The company Play Rethink selects the best projects collected on the site every month. Then the ideas are implemented and their authors are paid a reward.
    This developing creative skills game is sold in London stores and via the company's website. The price is 24.95 GBP (approximately 37.5 $).
    The idea to use the game as a tool for involving the buyers into the creative process of product improvement deserves attention. The company Play Rethink kills two birds with one stone: it creates an interesting product that is the original way to access the collective mind, thus solving the problem with creative ideas, or rather their absence.
Jack Brown
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