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"Metrocab" or "Urbanflow" taxi/bus transport

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  Getting around in the city is often tedious or expensive (most often both!). A combination of bus and taxi would be a welcome reprieve to the frequent inconvenience of the bus and the high rates of a cab.
  Small shuttles would be deployed daily. Patrons could rent buzzers/pagers of this service by the day, weekend, week, or month. Basically, it would act as a group taxi that could be called to a specific location at any given time (decided by hours of operation, of course). Customers would be picked up wherever they desired and would be dropped off at their exact destination (as opposed to a bus stop that a bit of hike to their home).
  Once a customer activated their pager, the shuttle driver's computer system would alert him/her to the call. The customer's pager would have a locating device, allowing for precision of direction. The shuttle driver would respond by paging the customer with an estimated time of arrival, allowing for him/her to know how long of a wait there will be. If any customers paged for a ride while the driver was en route to pick up another customer, the driver would page back how long it would be before said pickup.
  These drivers would have to operate regionally and be connected with one another. This would be helpful to customers (obviously), in addition to providing group transport that cuts down on pollution. It would be particularly helpful in urban areas and college towns.
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