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How a bike can become a super high-speed off-road vehicle

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    You can now use a bicycle to go to the place which seems to be reached only by a tractor.
    Downhills and parks in winter are full of cyclists who do not want to stop cycling. Some of them buy snow tires; the others use ski-bikes (special bikes with skis instead of wheels). Unfortunately, in the first case grip of wheels with snow is not so good and in the second case there are no pedals which are the main bicycle attribute.
    A Canadian innovation company suggested a winter kit for bicycles.
    A bicycle rear wheel drive is a high-tech product. The crawler is made of reinforced polyurethane, the frame is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, and the main wheel is of reinforced nylon. Comfort during cycling and reliability were of the main importance. A special shock absorber was created with this purpose. What is important is that the bicycle weight after such a kit installing doesn't change greatly.
    It is advised to use rear wheel drive with the usual front wheel while going on mud or sand. At snow the front wheel is replaced by an ultra strong ski with wood core and metal piping. Any bicycle with rear wheel and saddle pin can be equipped with such a system. If you have a modern bicycle with a quick wheels change system you won't even need any tools to equip it with the system mentioned above.
Jack Brown
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