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How to get rid of tension

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    If during a working day some event or an unpleasant conversation unsettles you, if you become nervous and cannot ignore or change the situation and relax, you can try to do these simple exercises. They can help you to get rid of the tension and restore performance.
    Sitting on a chair, take the seat with both hands and stretch yourself upwards. Count to six, lower the hands and relax.
    Join hands behind your head and put pressure on your neck trying to resist it.
    Sit on the edge of the chair, lower your hands and relax. Look at the ceiling and count to ten. Take a deep breath and incline to the knees. Looking at the floor take a breath and become straight slowly.
    Massage your fingers: men should start with the left hand, women with the right one.
    Take a breath (counting to ten), hold your breath for 1-2 seconds, then breathe out slowly (counting to twelve).
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