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There is a layer on our skin which consists of epidermis cells, sudoriferous and sebaceous glands discharge. Sweat secretion is regulated by the nervous system. People with increased excitability often suffer from excessive sweating. Such people sweat heavily not only in the hot weather, but also after performing a little physical work or in the case of the slightest excitement. The reason for increased sweating can also be disorders of the nervous system, endocrine glands and the...
Uncomfortable shoes are one of the major causes of foot blisters, the big toe distortions and further deformation of other toes, ingrown nails, feet injuries, etc. Shoes with high heels are better to be put on only when it is required by the case. Walk more; do not stay in the same position for a long time. Put on comfortable slippers when you are at home, provide your feet with a rest. If your profession is such that you have to work in the standing position, after coming home lie...
The sleep duration depends on the age: the younger the organism, the more time a person should sleep. People carrying out work related to the strong tension of the nervous system need to sleep longer. The long sleep is required for patients. To establish a good, quiet sleep, one should follow these rules: * Bedroom should be well aired, the temperature should provide a comfortable sleep, i.e. the room should be cool, and the bed should be warm; * Try to go to bed and get up...