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Online shopping is based on trust. A buyer should believe that a real picture of a commodity is displayed in the Internet, all disadvantages are enumerated and the price isn't overstated. This idea with people to help you to make sure that everything is OK with the stuff you are going to purchase is really awesome. Just imagine: you are going to buy a car / boat / real estate but you are lazy to go to the other end of the country and examine the possible purchase; then you find a...
Buying clothes in the internet is a great idea but there is the disadvantage of not being able to try the stuff on. I suggest creating online shop where you could put your measurements and a computer program would generate a virtual model of your body. You could also create your own virtual wardrobe there, fill it in with items from different on-line shops and try them on for size, style, color to make sure that the clothes would be exactly what you wanted.
Dan Waber
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Products like cigars and wine are extraordinarily complex to shop for as a consumer. The range and selection are so vast, and the subset that any given store carries is so relatively small that it can take decades before the act of shopping can become a comfortable process. This should be fixable with a web service that would allow consumers to create a profile that would allow them to record, reference, and rate their purchases and then use the aggregate data of all the users to help...
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