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I suggest using a new method of steel processing which results in an end product that is lighter, stronger, and more environmentally friendly than traditional methods. The process takes only ten seconds, rather than the hours or days of heating in conventional steel plants. The metal is flash heated and then quickly cooled, which alters the microstructure of the steel and results in a product that is 7% stronger and 30% more flexible than traditional steel. And since the...
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Torque vectoring gears for wind turbines eliminate the need for the twofold conversion process required before the current is fed into the grid. The process of converting the current produced by the turbines into an alternating current of the right frequency results in a loss of almost five percent. To prevent this loss, I suggest developing an active torque-vectoring gear that can operate at exactly 1500 revolutions per minute regardless of the rotational speed of the motor. This...