How It Works

Ideas/Advice Section

Have people always told you that you're full of great ideas? Do you want to share your ideas and advice with the world, and get paid for them? If the answer is yes – then this portal is definitely for you. It doesn’t matter how big or small the contribution. It can be basic but much-needed advice that you provide, or detailed information on a technically-advanced project – essentially anything people might be looking for. Whatever it is, it’s up to you whether you share your ideas for free, or if you want to charge money for them. Finally, there's an easy way to put your knowledge to work and make money while doing it.

Publishing Ideas

After you are registered on our site, you may publish free or paid content. It's very simple to do, just start with a clear title. It's important the title reflects the very essence of the idea as precisely as possible. Consider the category your idea /advice belongs to, and then decide if you would like to share it for free or be paid for it. If you decide to make it free, then you'll fill out just the public part. And while the public description can be very simple, it must also be complete.

Put everything in order and make sure that when someone is reading it, even a person who may not be educated in a particular area, can understand it. Try to present the information in such a way that, after reading it, there are no remaining questions or uncertainty. Then, if you wish, you may attach pictures, files, or even video.

When someone views your idea, the attachment links will be displayed right below the description, and people will be able to download them. Please keep in mind that pictures and files go into our repository and the total amount may not exceed 4096 KB per one idea, but we don’t store video. You need to publish your video separately to and then provide us with the URL. The URL should conform with the following template[VideoID], where the VideoID is the ID that you can find in the original video URL. For example look at the URL devo3kdSPQY is that video_id. Once again, it is completely up to you if you want to add video, pictures, and/or files. Then, simply click 'Post,' and your idea will be stored in our database. Later on, you can review your idea/advice, edit it if necessary, or even delete it if you would like.

Making Money with Your Ideas

Publishing paid content is as simple as publishing free content. All we require is that you have a PayPal account, and, before you may publish the paid content, you must provide us with the e-mail address of your PayPal account. This is how you will be paid. If someone pays for your idea or advice, the money goes into that account.

As with the free content, you also need to fill out the public part – but be aware that it is always displayed. Use the public portion to get people interested in your idea or advice, it should say something that would interest a person so that they will pay for the protected (or private) part that is hidden from the general viewing public. Think of the general, public portion as an advertisement for the protected, paid part. Give some details, but don’t reveal all of the information.

When you are done with the public part, move on to the protected portion. Once you have completed this section, choose the price you want to receive for the information wisely. Don't forget to consider any PayPal fees before determining the price. When you specify a fee, which can be from $0.01 up to any reasonable amount, consider the value of your idea/advice in addition to our commissions. MegaScope's commission is automatically applied to the price that you specify.

For example, if you were to decide on $0.01 as your price, the total price for the protected part will be $0.39, including MegaScope's commission. This is the price that a purchaser would pay, and from that amount, we would send you the $0.01 that you specified. If you chose a fee of $10.00, the total price would be $12.11. Again, this is the price that all people would see and that the purchaser would pay, but you would receive payment for the specified amount of $10.00. You may receive less money in your account depending on your PayPal account type. Please check your receiving fees with PayPal.

At this point, you are ready to fill out the other fields relating to the protected part. Note that this is a teaser, and therefore, a very important field. Because it can be publicly viewed, you should give potential buyers an intriguing explanation of what they’ll get by paying for the protected part. Include a brief description of what the protected part entails, followed by a full disclosure of information in the protected portion. This is the main field of the paid content. Basically, this is what people are paying for, including any pictures, files or video you wish to attach.

At this point, you should have completely filled out both the public and protected sections, and you are ready to click the 'Post' button. When people view your idea/advice listing, they will see the title, category, public description, public pictures, any files or video, and the protected teaser along with the specified price for that part. When someone actually purchases the protected part, the buyer will have full access to the protected description as well as any pictures, files, or video.

Tangible Assets of Your Advice/Idea Listing

If you have something tangible that clarifies your idea or makes it more complete like paper documentation, working models, or any such matter, you also can sell it for an additional fee and ship it as an addition to the protected part. This is what the private section is for. As with the protected part, you state the price. In this case, it could be $0, which would mean that when somebody purchases the protected part, you promise to ship everything specified in the private teaser for no additional charge. Or, if you wanted, you could state a fee of $20.00, which would mean that the buyer has the option of buying the protected part for the price specified in that section or they could purchase both the protected and private parts for the sum of the each specified price. You cannot sell the private part on its own. There is also a teaser section strictly for the private field. It is publicly viewed information, and here you write what you are going to ship to the buyer when he buys the private part. Next, you specify the delivery method, and how many days you require for shipping. After publishing an idea or advice, people will see the title, category, public description, public pictures, files and video, protected teaser (with the specified price for the protected part) and private teaser (with the specified price for the private part).

If a buyer pays solely for the protected part, he can view the protected part. If a buyer purchases both the protected and private parts he can view the protected part, and you are responsible for shipping the private part by the specified method and within the specified timeframe.

Q & A section

On MegaScopes, you have people asking questions and people answering them. If you searched through our knowledge base and didn’t find an answer to your question, you can ask one. Conversely, if you see a question you know an answer to, you can publish the answer. Your answer may be completely free, or you can charge a certain amount. When you publish an answer, follow the same suggestions as you would for publishing an idea. Each has the same public, protected, and private areas, including the same fields, only in this case you solve somebody’s particular problem. Doing this, you will automatically help others who come to this site later with the same problem, and they will find the solution in our knowledge base.