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A couple of advices for those who are going on a hike

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    1. How to pack a backpack correctly
    To pack your backpack correctly lay it back on the ground. Place soft things on the back and at the bottom.
    Heavy, solid objects (cans, packages, etc.) are better to be collected in a flat bag wrapped in thick paper and placed between soft objects placed on the back of a backpack and the outer part of the bag.
    The bag should be oblong and of the same size as the backpack. Place it upright.

    2. What should be taken on a hike
    Take sugar on a hike. Pack it in a plastic, waterproof bag.
    Keep tea, coffee and cocoa in metal boxes. Hang these boxes along the seam with an adhesive plaster, adhesive tape or duct tape.
    Keep salt in a waterproof bag. To reduce salt dampening add 8 percent of starch to the bag.

    3. Take manganese crystals on a hike
    Take a few manganese crystals on long trips and hikes.
    If during your trip you have to drink "suspicious" water it is very useful to disinfect it with two or three manganese grains.
    This trifling precaution will prevent you from a serious illness.
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