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Washing powder, raising the sun protection factor of clothing

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    The benefits of sun exposure have been known for a long time. Sunlight is involved in reactions of insulin synthesis, it maintains a balance of skin microflora, vitamin D and serotonin (the so-called hormone of happiness, which controls appetite, sleep, mood and emotions) are produced under ultraviolet light. But the sun is a medication that should be taken strictly in graduated way. Doctors of all the countries are sounding the alarm and warning people about the harmful effects of sunlight excess. The most dangerous rays of the solar spectrum are UVA and UVB. They evoke instant formation of free radicals, which lead to the tumors formation.
    That is why doctors say about the maximum protection from the rays of this spectrum. Such means of protection from harmful solar rays as creams, lotions, sunglasses are widely represented at the market. The easiest way to protect against damaging solar rays is clothing. But not all clothing has an equal degree of protection from the sun.
    To enhance the protective properties of any clothing I use an unusual washing powder released by the Phoenix Brands LLC. It increases the Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) to 30. I add it to the usual powders during each washing. One pack of this protective powder is for 20 applications.
    Obviously, such a unique product cannot be called first-necessity good. It is unlikely to be bought in large quantities by ordinary consumers. Rather, it is a product for those who care about their health.
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