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Perfect hard-boiled egg cooking technique

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    Most people think that cooking a perfect hard-boiled egg is a chance-by-chance situation. Sometimes you do it right, sometimes you don't. To succeed you just need the perfect technique, which is detailed below:

    1. Wait for the eggs to be old enough for peeling. Young eggs are the most difficult to peel. To make sure that you'll be boiling old-enough eggs, keep them in the refrigerator first for about a week before boiling them.
    2. Take the eggs out of the refrigerator. Wait for some minutes or hours until all the eggs are in room temperature.
    3. Place all the eggs in a pan. They should be in a single layer only. Cover them with at least an inch of water. Do not add salt because that might affect the speed of boiling.
    4. Set the pan on fire. Bring the water to boil and when it's already boiling, turn off the heat. Cover the pan. Let the eggs be cooked in the hot water for about 12 minutes if you're cooking medium eggs. Large eggs need 17 minutes while extra-large eggs need 19 minutes in the hot water.
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