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How to get rid of greasy hair

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    * More or less frequent bathing might be required. Experiment with different hair washing schedules to see if it changes the way your scalp produces sebum.
    * The wrong shampoo can cause greasy hair. Choose your shampoo wisely. Look for shampoos geared towards reducing greasiness, and avoid harsher soaps that can irritate your scalp.
    * Excessive use of hair products can cause greasiness. Many of the hair care products are designed to replace the grease we remove from our hair when we shampoo. Conditioners and hair moisturizers give you more options, but they can also make your hair greasier. When conditioning or applying product, avoid the scalp and try to use as little product as possible.
    * Avoid hats. Hats will make a greasy head even greasier. They raise the temperature and humidity around your head, neither of which is healthy for your hair in the long run.
    * Try to avoid stress. Stress can affect sebum production, cause hair to fall out, and even change the color of your hair. Schedule relaxation time and a healthy sleep schedule into your day.
    * Be wise while choosing a diet. Skip a diet high in hydrogenated oils. Instead, try to increase your intake of fatty acids, proteins, and beta-carotene with foods like fish, nuts, green leafy vegetables, and flax seeds.
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