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Getting rid of hangover

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    * Drinks with electrolytes are your best bet for getting rid of a hangover. Gatorade is the perfect anti hangover drink and it helps to replenish the sodium, potassium, and chloride (electrolytes) levels in your body. Water just isn't enough. But make sure the Gatorade is at room temperature, not cold. Cold liquids make it harder for your body to absorb things.
    * Tums and Alkaseltzer are good for hangover relief. The remaining electrolytes you're missing because of dehydration are bicarbonates. Bicarbonates are found in things like baking soda, Tums, and Alkaseltzer. Not only do these products replenish bicarbonate electrolytes, they're also good for your stomach since alcohol tends to make your body produce more stomach acid than it needs. Hence, the nausea felt during a hangover.
    * Coffee with sugar is the next step for your hangover remedy. You need sugars to help get rid of a hangover. Coffee is a vasoconstrictor and it helps to make the veins in your brain a little smaller, relieving the pressure and tension around your head. That's why tension headache medicine has caffeine in it.
    * Wrapping yourself in a nice warm blanket is the last step to getting rid of a hangover. If you've had enough alcohol, there might still be some left in your system since your body's metabolism slows down while you sleep. Alcohol lowers the body's core temperature, leaving you susceptible to illness and other bad things. Get yourself a warm blanket, a bottle of warm Gatorade, a cup of coffee with sugar and a season of your favorite show on DVD. It's time to let your body relax.
Dr. Gibbson
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