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City block of artist condos

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I'd like to set up a large city block with subsidized artist condos. We bring in a select group of musicians, painters, graphic designers, videographers, etc. and subsidize their rent in exchange for periodic help with projects. There are regular meetings, both structured and informal, where artists can collaborate on projects. Also in this building are practice space, art studios, a print shop, recording studio, etc. for artists to do their work. Pro-bono projects are taken on from time to time for goodwill and to create community awareness of the artist community.

Also, this is no broken down hippie co-op*. It's a nice, modern, sustainable & green building with accomplished, motivated people in it.

I would live in the Penthouse and call on artists from time to time for help with projects.

*I like to make fun of hippies, but they're alright with me.
Ben Seigel
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