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Interior And Exterior Pet Fencing

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  Interior And Exterior Pet Fencing business.

  Business Overview

  Manufacturing and wholesaling portable pet fencing is a very inexpensive business venture to launch and operate. The business can be run from a homebased location and also requires very little in the way of special skills or requirements. Basically, the business is preassembling fencing for pets that can be used inside and outside the home, as well as easily packaged and transported for the occasion when pet and owner are on vacation and a detainment system is required. The key to success in the portable pet fencing business is the fencing must be durable and well designed and constructed to allow for easy assembly, shipping, packaging, and portability. The market for this type of product is limitless, and a good starting point once the fencing has been designed and a prototype built is to market the product to a major national pet retailer, with an objective to secure national retail distribution accounts.
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