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Paper Utensils

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  Why make plastic utensils when paper can be just as durable? It makes no sense to make something to be thrown away every time you use them, when they can be replaced by a cheaper, bio-degradable, environmentally sound product that would hold up to hours of use. Paper can have many uses, but this is the best one. They make the paper plate, but forgot to make the rest out of paper. The knife, the fork, the spoon, the spork and everything else,could be paper, and then we would have a set that would just rot and never cause a problem to us, ever.
  You always see the plastic utensils, around the garbage cans where they are supposed to be inside and then, someone comes along and breaks it, making hundreds of little garbage, waste, pieces of plastic, that can never be collected and litter the ground forever. It is also not safe for animals to have plastic in their stomachs when they come to eat the garbage we leave behind. If everything was paper then it would all be digestable as well. It would solve so many problems that there isn't room to write them all here but, when you compare plastic to paper, you obviously know the right answer to the best choice. It's Paper Utensils!
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