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  Manufacturer's Representative business.

  Business Overview

  Industry directories are an invaluable research tool, or in the case of this business opportunity a manufacturers directory can put you on the road to earning in excess of $100,000 per year. Utilizing manufacturers directories can help you identify products that are not being manufactured or possibly even sold in your local community. Once you have identified these products and conducted your own market analysis into their viability in your area, you will be able to contact the manufacturers of these products from the information supplied in the directory. Working as a manufacturer's representative means you promote and market the products on a local, city, state, or in some cases country basis. Always try to negotiate an exclusive service contract with the manufacturer. This means you will be the manufacturer's exclusive representative within certain geographic boundaries. Remuneration can be by way of a commission charged on total sales, or you can mark up your wholesale costs on the manufactured goods and resell at a higher price. The first method is preferred, as you will not need to warehouse any inventory.
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