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1.  Remember those "mood rings"? They interpreted your mood based on your temperature. I'd like to see a faucet that contains a simple system for relaying the temperature of the water to the user. The water nearest to the end of the faucet is all that matters here..I've noticed my son is in the habit of touching the stem of the faucet before washing his hands in order to tell the temperature of the water, and to avoid burning himself. How about a visual representation?
2. I'd like to see a faucet with "memory". While shaving, I hate to leave the faucet running and waste water, but every time I turn off/on the faucet the temperature is never how I adjusted it the time before, always much colder or scalding hot. A mechanical device that you can "set" when you have the volume and temp the way you want it would save water and prevent scalds.
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