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Artificial ACL is a new hope for injured athletes

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    A man-made ACL replacement made of a combination of man-made and naturally-occurring materials could provide a better option for repairing a patient's ruptured ACL.
   Most ACL treatments involve restructuring the ACL using patellar tendon grafts, but that procedure also leaves behind lingering knee pain. As an alternative, I suggest creating an artificial ACL made up of braided polyester fibers, an antioxidant and porous biomaterial, and calcium nanocrystals, which are found in human teeth and bones. The biomaterial and calcium nanocrystals will be mixed to form a bone-like material with the polyester fibers embedded within it. When the artificial ACL is inserted into tunnels drilled in the femur and tibia, the bone and tissue cells will begin moving into the pores of the device to anchor it in place.
Dr. Gibbson
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