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3-D Spinning Speakers To Add To Surround Sound

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  If you have all ranges of speakers around you from tweeters then mid-range then woofers and subwoofers you can only surround yourself with special audio effects which would be to have moving speakers. If you have a revolving speaker throwing undistorted sound around a room it will literally throw it's own voice and complete a surround sound system by adding sound or noise from (seemingly) all directions at once. There may also be other arrangements for speakers that spin or move to add to the totally realistic effects, but the best use for a speaker is to have the sound come from the whole room at once. A totally cool effect if it can be produced. You might even have a spinning orb like speaker that sends it out at 360 degrees at all times spinning or not. I am pretty siked about hearing what sounds like real gun fire realistically over my head!
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