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50 Year Hanging Calendar

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  I hate to go out every year and have to pick out a new calandar! Why can't someone make one last for fifty years so that people like me can hang them on the wall and when they drag you out dead in fifty years they would find the only clean spot in your place would be behind your fifty year calandar. Why every year? Why a desk calendar?
  I don't want a one year calandar and I don't think you can write on a desk calandar. Just make the pictures different for each month, make them good photos or drawings or paintings or suprise me with all of that stuff. I just need a place to write down birthday's, vacations, appointments, and everything else. If anything, make the calandar bigger so that I can write a whole lot of stuff on one day. I might actually be going to the Dentist on my Father's Birthday and I need more room on that Tuesday to write it down on. Of course you know that the day would be different every year but, we have ways of knowing that ahead of time, especially with my new and improved version of the over-sized fifty year hanging calandar.
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