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Digital Voice Beat Recorder

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  There are some people who are really good at making their own beats into a song by voice. For example, use your imagination for the following line: umm da da da da umm da da da da umm da da da da (the umm's have a low pitch and the da's are fast higher pitch sound). Of course quality songs are a lot better. If a musician wants to make a song out of his voice he records his voice. If he wants to replace his voice with musical instruments, he can do that too. In order for HIM to make a quality duplicate of his song with musical instruments, HE needs to know how to write music and how to play music. This process consumes an extremely large amount of time to be GREAT at. We can now use computers to record the sound produced by an individuals voice and make it digital. The verbal beats would be replaced by digital beats matching the same pitch. Together we would make a digital song recording of the verbal beats.

The beats of a persons voice are not always the best sound quality. Trying to verbally make the sound of a drum is impossible (but sometimes very close). Now we can replace all of the verbal beats with a digitally prerecorded drum drumming the same pitch. If we sing verbal techno, we can change it into real digital audio that was made on a computer. The greater library of digital sounds, the greater our verbal songs could be made into. We would not have to spend all the time learning how to write and play. Now we can record verbal songs digitally and then digitally manipulate them.
nicholas anthony
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