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Re-use of Lower half of Lunar Landers

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  I wonder, could the lower half of the luner landers left on the moon not be re-used as the ready-made base support for future, more permanent habitation modules on the moon? The advantages would be as follows: Exact location of all the landers is known. Exact dimensions of the landers is known so a habitation module could easily be designed to mate perfectly with the lower half of the lunar module. Navigation computers and remote control techniques have improved immensely since the 1960s, so the habitation modules could be landed under remote contol.
  The habitation module could have a docking port designed into its upper surface for docking with manned & unmanned re-supply modules. Of course there is always the question of cost, but I think they would be minimised if we used the hardware that's already on the Moon's surface. There's even a used car up there-isn't there? I think this scheme would allow the establishment of a small scientific base colony (permanent or semi-permanent) on the Moon.
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